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Brass Wires

We are a leading name in the market as Brass Wires Manufacturer and Supplier. Our Brass Wires are available under the brand name "PADAM" in different grades. Our range of Brass Wires includes Brass Jewelry Wire, Leaded Brass Wire, Brass Brush Wire and Brass Welding Wire. These Brass Wires are chemically pure as virgin Zinc and Copper are used as raw material. Our Brass Wires are available in coil form, and can be used for Tooth Brush, springs, clips, pins, nut, bolts, Screws, Industrial brushes, Metal Powders and have numerous other applications. Brass Wires are available from size 6.00 mm to 0.1 mm in coils as per ISS & BSS and other international standards.

Features of Our Brass Wire :
  • Impurity Content : Our integrated production processing from virgin material minimizes the content of impurity, thus imparting good mechanical properties of the wire at high temperature.
  • Superior Mechanical Properties : Use of superior quality virgin raw material free from impurities, ensures uniform chemical composition and optimum performance.
  • Quality Development : The plant follows complete testing of products and has dedicated R&D facilities to ensure best quality products. Through feedback of our esteem customers our R&D Dept. modifies the existing process for achieving their perfect requirements/needs.
  • Smooth Wire Surface : Uses of highly quality dies material and Strict dies maintenance & the special treatment assures wire surface smooth & bright finish, free from flaws/ dust /rust and grease.
  • High Dimensional Accuracy : Due to the control system of high quality diamond dies and lubricant we ensure the close accuracy of wire diameter as precise within +/- 0.001 mm tolerance.
  • No Acid-corrosion and No Damage to Resins : The special treatment avoids acid-corrosion on machine and work piece.
  • Protective Packing : Each coil and spool is individually wrapped in Polythene bag for protecting against dust and oxidation, This polythene-wrapped spool is placed in a cardboard/ thermocol box. Each box is packed in a cardboard/wooden case of capacity of 25Kg. to 50Kg. as per destination wise. The “PADAM“ wire scores on high quality, faster cutting speed, high accuracy and precision- meeting the critical challenges.



ALLOY CU% Zn% Ni% Sn% P% Si% Mn% Total Impurities
95/5 Brass 94 - 96 Bal - - - - - 0.01 - 0.4
90/10 Brass 89 - 91 Bal - - - - - 0.40 (Max.)
85/15 Brass 84 - 86 Bal - - - - - 0.40 (Max.)
80/20 Brass 79 - 81 Bal - - - - - 0.40 (Max.)
70/30 Brass 68 - 72 Bal - - - - - 0.30 (Max.)
65/35 Brass 64 - 67 Bal - - - - - 0.40 (Max.)
63/37 Brass 62 - 64 Bal - - - - - 0.60 (Max.)
60/40 Brass 59 - 61 Bal -   - - - 0.40 (Max.)

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